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After Avengers: Endgame, what will be the upcoming releases of Marvel


Upcoming releases of Marvel

Which releases coming from Marvel after Endgame?

Tatum suffered two real injuries on the set that appears in the film. Mark Ruffalo burst his eardrum in a scene in which the character of Tatum asked him to hit him harder. And in the scene that destroys the room of a hotel, the actor hit himself so hard against the mirror that a gap in the head was opened.

Actors who ended up with physical damage by shooting a scene everyone trembles: the trailer of Avengers: Endgame that broke the Internet and marvels hearts last week marks the light at the end of the tunnel. That is, the end of the famous Phase 3 and the end of the first era of Marvel films, framed in the period that goes from Iron Man (2008) to, precisely, Avengers: Endgame, the continuation of Avengers: Infinity War. Something that is nothing other than the final assumption of several classic names of the films with which Marvel dominated the world of entertainment: Robert Downey Jr. Mark Ruffalo, Chris Hemsworth and Chris Evans, ie, Iron Man, Hulk, Thor, and Captain America, who seem to have already made their last film marvel.

The success of Capitana Marvel, which has accumulated in our country almost 854,500 viewers and 774 million worldwide collections, has become an unofficial species of the beginning of the film: if Captain America hangs his shield will it be Carol “Avenger” Danvers the one in charge of occupying his role (despite the filtered images that show Thanos squeezing his neck)? The answer to that question and several that plague any film fan that produces, among others, the Argentine Victoria Alonso has a quasi-response in the calendar, either officially announced or the half-spoken, future Marvel releases. What will be the company’s plan until 2022, which Marvel itself was responsible for saying that it will not comment until the premiere of Endgame?

Avengers: Endgame

Premiere: April 25. The core of the issue: who survives and who returns in the next Russo brothers movie? Die the Cap, Iron Man, Thor, Black Widow, Hulk, and Hawkeye? Will the famous plane of The Avengers be replicated but in a way of great final sacrifice? The damage of Thanos and the great end of Phase 3 and the first 10 years of Marvel in the cinema comes and from there it will be easier to read the future of this universe of stories.

Spider-Man: Far from home

Premiere: July 4th. The first great post-Endgame Marvel movie. Already from the trailer and its protagonist a huge doubt is solved: the vanished, those who had died when Thanos snapped his fingers, come back. At least, apparently in the preview, the same Spider-Man and Nick Fury return (also Maria Hill, who had perished in the credits of Infinity War, just before the call of Fury to Captain Marvel). And the suspicions about the great sacrifice of the original Avengers increase.


Tentative premiere: July 2020. The success of Spider-Man: A new universe, that is, the animated and Oscar-winning Spider-Man and the Spider-Man played by the actor Tom Holland have achieved that Sony, owner of the rights of the arachnid, trust your friendly neighbor like never before. But the certain thing is that the enemy vampire of Peter Parker comes to a while ago being a rumor like the protagonist of its own film, with names like Jared Leto and Matt Smith on board. It is not a Marvel / Disney title but still adds more “super” presences on the horizon.

Venom 2

Tentative premiere: October 2020. Another Marvel without the tutelage of Disney is nothing other than the sequel to the blockbuster Venom and that seems to have confirmed Tom Hardy as a protagonist, although he is looking for a new director.

Black Widow

Tentative release: November 2020. Apparently, Black Widow, with Scarlet Johansson again in the role, is underway. It would be the only character in Phase 1 standing, and Florence Pugh, the actress of Lady Macbeth, is spoken of as a possible co-star. It would be for the moment the second Marvel movie starring a woman. There is the talk of Marvel characters like Moonlight that could be added. In addition, Cate Shortland was confirmed as the director (although Lucrecia Martel was once mentioned). And confirming the fatal fate of the character in Endgame, there is talk that it would be a story that would take place in the 00s, just before Natasha Romanoff meets Iron Man.

Black Panther 2

Tentative premiere: February 2021. The first superhero nominated for an Oscar for best film was coming back. Even after being turned into ashes by the infinite click. More than a billion dollars in box office and a cultural phenomenon that Marvel never equaled. There were a few chances that it did not happen. This return has already been confirmed 100%, and it has been confirmed that it returns

Ryan Coogler, director of the first Black Panther. Will this be the first film where Marvel characters that used to be owned by Fox, and are now part of Disney’s Marvel library, make their appearance?

The Eternals

Tentative premiere: May 2021. Space and Marvel have a new big bet on these characters that have already been confirmed to be part of their premieres. Creation of Saint Jack Kirby, cartoonist, and soul of several of today’s mega-famous characters thanks to cinema, The Eternals already has a director, Chloe Zao, and will be based on the version that the famous writer Neil Gaiman made of the characters. There are already writers, Matthew, and Ryan Firpo, and it has been confirmed that the protagonist will be the first openly gay character in the Marvel universe (in fact, the casting was looking for a gay actor for the role).

Doctor Strange 2

Tentative release: November 2021. Dr. Strange returns from actor Benedict Cumberbatch after being the character that anticipated the name of Avengers: Endgame. For now, Scott Derrickson also returns to the address.


Tentative premiere: February 2022. The first leading oriental character of the Marvel Universe is one that was in his plans from the beginning: Shang-Chi, his fake Bruce Lee. The idea is to generate the same as Black Panther, but according to the expectations of an oriental character. Here Marvel would play with the martial arts, a specialty of the character that in the comic was the son of Fu Manchu. The Eastern Destin Daniel Cretton was confirmed at the address. The screenwriter is Dave Callaham (the next Wonder Woman and the sequel to Spider-Man: A New Universe).

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3

Tentative release: May 2022. After fights, layoffs, James Gunn (director of the other two films of the saga and consultant in Avengers about these characters), the director closes his trilogy. But first, he must write and direct The Suicide Squad for DC, formatting the famous Suicide Squad with Will Smith and Margot Robbie. This film has its premiere for 2021. That is to say, with great luck, the Guardians who survive the end of Phase 3 will only arrive on our screens in 2022.

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