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Temporary relationships: Stop it right now and move to lasting relationships


Temporary relationships and moving on from it…

You have decided that it is time to stop having temporary relationships. But you do not even know where to start. How to do it?. Do not miss the best advice.

You are in one of those points in your life where you would like to have someone close sharing your joys, successes, desires, and illusions.

You imagine idly the perfect couple that could “complete” your life. Every passing relationship you have is a hope to find that ideal couple that you have imagined so much.

But the truth is that every time you get more frustrations with these experiences. You ask, am I? What am I doing wrong?

You are willing to stop having temporary relationships but you do not know how to do it.

Perhaps there is no key recipe for you to leave behind the passing temporary relationships. And start a solid lasting relationship with someone special with whom to share your life. Actually, in fact, there is not.

However, we can give you some tips that more than anything have to do with the attitude and the way you perceive things. Consider these points, you can move on from temporary relationships.


  1. Relax

It is clear that you are tired of the meetings of one night and of the attempts of relationship with people who do not go with you. But that does not mean that you are never going to know that person with whom you would like to establish a more intimate and close relationship.

Possibly you have fun on many occasions, more than you want to admit, but the truth is that you already take it for your sexual anecdotes. Maybe on other occasions, you have had bad experiences that you do not want to tell either … You could write a book with them!

Actually, the main thing is that you feel good about yourself and that you can continue feeling good when you meet that couple.

So relax, it will come, and in the meantime, take it away, dance it!


  1. Outside of the stories of Prince Charming

It is time for you to hear truth like a pine tree: ‘There is no Prince Charming’.

So stop tormenting yourself because you can not find it. Which is natural because there is none on the face of the earth. The concept of romantic love has made us believe as if it were an exact science. That somewhere there is that person who ‘completes’ you, your better half partner, for you.

Well, no. That does not exist, because the first person that has to be completed is yourself. Once you feel good about yourself and you get to know each other thoroughly, you will have many more possibilities to meet someone you feel comfortable sharing your life with.


  1. Stop blaming yourself

There is nothing wrong in reviewing the mistakes we make in our temporary relationships to learn from them. But from that to come to feel that the only reason it has not worked is you, there is a huge chasm.

You are not in the mind of that person to ensure that your decision not to deepen the relationship is you. Maybe at that moment, you do not feel like committing to a person. You can have traumas from the past that make you run away from relationships.

Maybe you have family problems that you need to deal with right now … Maybe, maybe, maybe … Stop beating yourself. Because surely There are many other reasons and the truth, you do not know that person so much as to know them.

Also, in case you just do not get to do the necessary tinkering for a solid relationship, what’s the problem? Surely you have also rejected someone at some time because you simply do not feel that set. It’s not the end of the world.


  1. Be exacting

The fact that you have decided to lay your head does not mean you should do it with anyone. It is true that some single people have a hard time formalizing relationships because they are excessively demanding.

Even having a sudden repulsion syndrome and leaving temporary relationships because of bad breath that one day had their date. When we advise you to be demanding, we do not mean precisely this.

But rather that it is important that you maintain intact those essential, non-superficial requirements that the person who shares your life by your side should have. Do not give up on them.


  1. Change of air

If the last passing relationships have been the result of a nightclub in your favorite pub, with alcohol in between and lots of seduction, maybe it’s time to recognize that finding a solid couple in these types of environments can be difficult, Although neither do we say impossible.

But anyway, the probability that you find it is rather short. Think about it, you yourself have had many intense nights where you did not exactly want to know any person in depth.

We would never ask you not to go out with your girlfriends to a party, but perhaps you can begin to experience other types of environments. Where you can meet people and dare to engage in visual communication. Verbally and without drunkenness, with that person you’ve had your eye on.


  1. Enjoy being a single

We understand that you feel like having a partner, but that does not have to stop you from enjoying your singleness and feeling good about yourself is the best of singles.

In case you still have doubts, we tell you that being single has many advantages, many women with a partner envy single women and others feel proudly single.

In addition, you can always celebrate a bachelorette party with your friends and have a great time. Also, you do not need anyone to be happy. The important thing is that you find your own happiness.

Believe us, if you change the chip, the fact of stopping having sporadic or temporary relationships will no longer be an obsession. And the moment a possibility of a deeper relationship arrives, you will welcome it.

So, these were our advice about temporary relationships. What you think about temporary relationships or make lasting our passing relationships, comment us below…

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