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Relationship problems: what causes them


Let’s look at the frequent causes for which the Relationship problems arise, and how these are solved.

Relationship problems are the main source of discomfort for many people around the world, and that is why psychologists tend to deal with this kind of crisis frequently.

This is so because it is common to experience difficulties in love ties: to the problems of private life that affect the way in which we relate to the loved one, we add the setbacks that arise within the relationship itself.

How do Relationship problems arise?

There is an infinite number of reasons why a couple of problems may appear since each person is unique. However, in general, it is possible to identify a number of factors that especially influence the likelihood of experiencing this kind of conflict. They are the following.

1. Personality style

In general terms, it is not true that having very different personalities is something beneficial for the couple. In fact, if this factor has an impact on the health of the relationship, it is negative (statistically).

It is easier to reach a point where there is the incompatibility of priorities and motivations if both members of the relationship are too different.

In addition, regardless of the degree of similarity between the two people, who adopt a pattern of behavior that corresponds to a strong neurotic personality.

They also tend to experience more problems in their relationships and marriage.

This does not mean that they are predestined to fail in their love life or that they cannot learn to regulate their actions in order to be with someone, of course. Simply, that as a general rule they have it a little more difficult.

2. Values ​​and beliefs

Talking about values ​​and beliefs may seem very abstract, but they really have an effect on the health of relationships.

See how the person we love behaves in a way that clashes with our value system, in the long run, can generate resentments, reproaches, and arguments, especially if those values ​​have to do with the love relationship in a very direct way.

3. Lack of time together bring relationship problems

Do not forget that love does not appear in nothingness: it needs to be constantly fed by time spent in the company of the boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife.

This is sometimes complicated, especially if there are family reconciliation problems because of poor working conditions. Lack of empathy in the couple: 8 tips on what to do

However, on other occasions what fails is the quantity, but the quality of time spent under the same roof. Boredom and monotony can make the only kind of meaningful interaction between the members of a relationship with the discussions.

4. Communication problems

Failures to communicate are also one of the usual reasons for problems in the couple. These cause misunderstandings and moments of ambiguity that eventually lead to frustration and irritability, and even serious coordination errors.

5. Sexual difficulties

Many problems in intimate and sexual life have a psychological origin. For example, it is very common that insecurity causes not only dissatisfaction in this aspect of life, but even problems of self-esteem and taboos. How to develop compassion: a fundamental tool for relationships

6. Infidelity in relationship

Infidelity is another of the usual relationship problems for which couples go to the psychologist’s office. That is why, on many occasions, what psychology professionals do is to investigate the past of the relationship.

They see if there have been episodes of infidelity and there may be old grudges, something that is not always communicated directly during the First phases of psychological intervention. Is your partner actually love you or not? identify in 30 points

7. Jealousy

Another of the problematic factors in the relationship problems that we see most in psychology sessions with patients are conflicts over excessive jealousy.

The insecurity and the feeling that courtship or marriage can be broken at any time by the interference of a third person can cause much distress both in those who live jealousy in their own flesh. As in the other member of the couple, It feels controlled.

8. Anxiety

Anxiety and stress do not have to be originated in what happens when relating to the person you love (in fact, they usually have to do with what happens at work, or with health problems).

But it clearly affects the emotional development of the couple. Therefore, it is one of the aspects to which psychologists attach more importance in consultation.

We think you learned something about relationship problems from this article. If you want to tell something about relationship problems you can write in the comment box…

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