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Advantages and disadvantages of having a partner in the University


There are a lot of pros and cons of having a partner in the university.

These types of relationships can help students improve their academic performance or, on the contrary, serve as a stress agent.

There is nothing more exciting for a young man who keeps the illusion of knowing many people in college than to meet the love of his life.

This space dedicated to learn and grow professionally has unexpectedly become the ideal place to live one of the best experiences as a couple. However, not everything is happiness, especially when both are studying different careers since the time they share on campus is usually less compared to those who study together and at the same times.

it is important that students review what they are willing to responsibly maintain a relationship where they know their strengths and those aspects that need improvement.

“Usually in the university, they are very young, which implies that they must take time to know. At this stage, impulsive, passionate decisions are often made, driven by the social need to prove a success as well, and precisely in this process with mistakes and successes, the pillars of a relationship are being built, “he says.

The foregoing could indicate that the lack of knowledge between one and the other can be fatal for the couple since it can lead them to make mistakes, therefore it is very likely that in the search for stability or improvement of the relationship, some may get to neglect their studies.

Relationships are not incompatible with the academic performance of university students. However, everything depends on the appropriate choice of the couple.

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Advantages and disadvantages of having a partner in the university

Having a couple of relationship in the University can bring multiple benefits such as the company and the emotional support that exists between them since they can support each other to complete their studies.

Some young people tend to help each other to support themselves financially. In addition, the tranquility generated by a stable and integral couple also tends to be a great advantage in this case.

Among the disadvantages that can be experienced in the relationship is the unwanted pregnancy that can interrupt the couple’s short and medium-term life project.

The badly managed jealousy that can lead to university desertion or misused times that influence the execution of academic activities.

In the case of emotionally unstable couples, the risk of the mental and sexual reproductive health of the other may be affected.

More about Partner in the university…

The courtships are not carried out in the same way. In fact, all relationships have an identity that depends on the personality, custom, and experiences that people experience.

“The development of each relationship is associated with many factors that range from the experience that each one has of their own family context, cultural patterns associated with the concept of a couple, religious and social beliefs,”.

When a relationship goes from being pleasant to becoming a martyrdom, the decisions that are made according to the factors mentioned above are often key in the students’ process since this will depend on whether or not it interferes with their academic performance.

“If the limits in the relationship are not clear and wrong decisions are made that affect the tranquility of the other, this can interfere with their university performance. In addition, if there is no understanding of the priority in the responsibility of academic obligations, that is, if the couple spends a lot of time together and study days are not respected, this can also generate an inadequate academic performance,”.

According to both experts on the subject, it is important to note that during this stage it is essential that the couple provide mutual support that allows them to fulfill each of their goals in the different areas of their lives.

Tips for having a partner in the university

1. Before starting a love relationship, the ideal would be to go through a period of friendship, which allows knowing the true face, motivations, and intentions of the other.

2. If the decision to initiate a relationship of the couple, the advisable thing is to handle it in a responsible way that is to say with rights and duties in equity.

3. If for some reason the couple ends, it is necessary to seek professional help to manage the anguish of separation and avoid taking refuge in destructive alternatives such as the consumption of psychoactive substances, sexual promiscuity, and attempts at self-elimination.

4. Always be careful who fixes their eyes, in the first impression, appearances deceive, but you have the ability to put into operation your intuition that is almost always right and avoid getting involved in a pathological relationship.

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