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How to know if you’re in love: 7 signs of falling in love


How to know if you’re in love with someone? Here are several signs of falling in love that help us know what we feel for another person.

Love is always a torrent of feelings and emotions to which we do not always know how to react. Therefore, knowing if we are beginning to feel for someone can be much more complicated than it seems.

In this article, we will talk specifically about falling in love with the female sex and we will see some of the main keys to recognize the signs of this psychological phenomenon. So … how do you know if you’re in love? In the next lines, we will treat it in a summarize way.

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How to know if you’re in love: signs of falling in love with someone

Love produces in us effects that can be grouped into three categories: cognitive signals, physiological and emotional signals, and behavioral signals. All of them are described below and are typical regardless of whether the person who attracts us is a man or a woman.

Of course, keep in mind that none of these signals is in itself sufficient to confirm that you are in love; they serve, more than anything, by way of guidance, and the more they are fulfilled, the greater the possibility that love has actually emerged.

1. You go on alert every time you see that person

This is one of the typical signs of falling in love that appears when we are in the initial stages of falling in love, but as time goes by it disappears. It is a sign of infatuation that appears when the other person is relatively little known.

Of course, it is also perfectly possible to fall in love with someone who has been known for a long time, which means that in these cases this signal does not appear and that does not mean that there is no love.

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2. You create occasions to be together

This is another of the typical signs of falling in love, and it occurs in both men and women. Of course, in the case of women. There is a stigma linked to gender roles that make many of them feel uncomfortable when it comes to being more direct than men. Therefore, it is very common for them to create occasions to indirectly approach the person they are interested in.

3. Create future plans

Another trick to know if you are in love is to notice if when that person is not, also occupies your thoughts. And the way in which this is typically reflected is in the fact of fantasizing about future plans, imagining a reality in which you form a solid and happy couple.

This exercise of imagination usually appears spontaneously, without premeditation, in people who are in love. For example, in the dead hours when there is nothing to do, or even while doing a very routine job in which it is not necessary to pay close attention to what is beyond our body and we can direct our attention focus towards The inside of our mind.

4. You are very worried that you may suffer

Love not only has elements related to illusion and positive thoughts about what may happen in the future. There is also concern about the bad that can happen to the other person, even if that is not something objectively very harmful to her.

For example, if the nerves before an exam make the person we have noticed feel distressed, the mere fact that this discomfort exists will already make us feel bad, something that probably does not happen to other individuals.

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5. Conversations lengthen effortlessly

When there are nerves and that person is not known much, it is normal that it takes effort to start a conversation and the first minutes have passed, but once this step has been taken, the dialogue flows easily.

Of course, this fact is not exclusive signs of falling in love; It also happens when we like someone very much, so it must be considered a necessary but insufficient signal for love. The only exception to this is when the other is not interested at all in relating to us, or when physical or psychological alterations that affect the ability to communicate with people, in general, come into play.

6. The idea that you can trust that person appears

This is another of the signs of falling in love. When a strong affective bond has been established, we try to hide all our defects (something typical of the phase in which we try to seduce the other because we like and do not want to generate rejection) and we begin to value transparency more, the honesty.

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7. Using leisure time together is something well seen

Even when we like someone a lot, the most common thing is that we don’t like the idea of ​​always being with that person in our spare time.

On the other hand, when there is true love in between (or at least, love as intense as the one associates with couple relationships), the prospect of doing that seems good to us.

Of course, even in the strongest couple relationships, each member needs their space, so it is normal to wish to be alone sometimes.

A lot of us confused when we feel special for someone, So, for them here in this article “How to know if you’re in love: 7 signs of falling in love”. Comment us below what you think about it…

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