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How to develop creativity in children


Tips and books to develop creativity in children.

Today we talk about the creativity of boys and girls, about how it develops and the advantages that it has. In addition, we inform you of a special book suitable for young and old to put creativity and talent into practice.

Creativity in the smallest of the house

Everyone knows that imagination is one of the most precious assets of childhood and, along with it, creativity. Creativity helps children to let their mind fly, to express themselves better, to develop their abstract thinking and solve problems with ease. How can parents and teachers help children develop their creativity? Follow the tips that we detail here.

 Freedom of expression at all times

Your little one needs the freedom to express himself, whether in class, at home or in the park with his friends. Give him space to talk and tell how he feels. In turn, it is advisable that you encourage him to do whatever goes through his mind, a paper and a pencil always at hand give great results.

Ask questions

“What were the dinosaurs like?”, “Where would you go if you could fly?” Questions of this kind make imagination and creativity develop enormously. You can do them on the things that you like the most to encourage them.

Build objects

Spend an entire afternoon playing with your son to build an airplane, a cardboard house or anything else you can think of using recycled materials that you have at home.

The cosmic journey of Saturnino, a book for the whole family

Another excellent way to develop children’s creativity is to use books as a tool. That is why today we want to share with you a very special book. “The Cosmic Voyage of Saturnino”, by Nacho Uve and Raúl Bermejo. Editorial Penguin Random House.
In this book, the small and intrepid Saturnino leaves his distant and also boring planet, to know one in which he can live new adventures, and that is how he discovers a place where everyone plays, has fun and creates new and exciting things.
Wait, there’s more. After reading the story, it’s time to spend a lovely time with the family while parents and children develop creativity. The book offers us a selection of the best activities to start the imagination and ingenuity.


Make an extraterrestrial with a little aluminum foil and an ice cream stick. Decorate a fantasy planet with plasticine, balloons and toilet paper. Dance in the lounge to the rhythm of your favorite music. Or play to say crazy uses of everyday things. Everything is possible in the book “The Cosmic Voyage of Saturnino”. Ready to be part of Saturnino’s secret club? Only for the most creative.

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