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Love at work: 24% of employees fall in love with co-worker, study confirm


Why love at work happen? What is the pros and cons of it?

Having a loving relationship with someone at work can be wonderful and exciting, but it can also have some drawbacks.

It is common that with the number of hours we spend at work, many people find their better half in the company they go to every day.

In fact, according to a study by the Society for Human Resource Management. 24% of employees have ever experienced a relationship with someone at work.

But is a sentimental and work relationship possible? Today we talk about the pros and cons of love at work.

Love stories during office hours are usually exciting and leave you with much more desire to work in the mornings.

But if the thing is strengthened, the relationship can be affected by the fact of spending most of the day together.

Learn about the advantages and disadvantages of living an employment romance.

Love at work: let’s start with the cons

Mixing the personal with the professional is always a risk: Will it work? Will it harm our careers? And if the relationship works, how will it be to see you at all times?

Distribution of roles

Not all cases are the same. The first thing you have to assess when starting a relationship with a co-worker is to analyze your position in the company.

Is your boss? Do you work side by side or do you just agree?

And the fact that one of the two has to send the other can become a problem since the other person can not take very well that they have to make a rebuke about their work.

Or perhaps the boss or boss can cost him to separate his professional status in personal life together.

In these cases, it is best to leave the limits and roles from the beginning. both in the employment relationship and sentimental, so there is no confusion between them.

The gossip of the companions

Another difficulty may be the other co-workers. To avoid gossip, misunderstandings and uncomfortable situations, the most recommended is to maintain the relationship with discretion.

At least until the relationship is formalized and becomes a serious love relationship.

Tell only the most compatible work colleagues. But if the work environment is very competitive, be careful with your work decisions. Because the rest can see you as a threat and some bad thought may think that you are not impartial in your decisions and attitudes.

Too much time together

However, one of the main challenges faced by couples who live their love at work is the fact of spending so many hours a day together.

It is clear that at the beginning it is wonderful and you will not want to leave it in seconds.

But if everything goes well and you decide to go live together, you may wish to have a little time to be alone or with other people.

The idea is that you learn to maintain your own space, both in the workplace and sentimental.

For example, at work, it is important that you respect the work decisions of the other as if you were simple companions, without judging.

And in your private life give your personal space with friends and hobbies that you do not share.

The advantages of love at work: There are also pros

But not everything was going to be a disadvantage. But having a relationship with someone at work also has many positive things, even at work.

In fact, a survey from the University of Massachusetts considers that sentimental relationships in the workplace increase productivity by 20%.

AHA! There’s nothing like being happy at work because you’re in love, right?

In addition, you will feel much more identified with your partner when you have a work problem since both can understand you much better.

But the labor issue is not the only advantage of having a love relationship at work. On a sentimental level, there are many others.

You know your partner much better

The fact of spending so much time together, seeing your partner in difficult situations and on a daily basis, helps you to know what it really is.

Both in its positive and negative aspects, which usually helps to improve communication and mutual understanding.

Hobbies are common

If the work is motivational you will both be happy to share your passion together.

And if not, the fact of working hard will give you the opportunity to go to work with a smile every morning.

in addition to knowing yourself enough to find hobbies and points in common.

You can spend more time together

Some couples work so many hours a day that they can barely agree to enjoy being together.

If you are co-workers, at least you can share other intimate moments. Such as lunch or rest that would otherwise be like a dream.

Improve your empathic ability and problem solving

If you work side by side you will know enough how to react to a problem or a moment of success.

So that your empathic capacity can develop widely in the sentimental field if you have good emotional intelligence.

In addition, the fact of understanding the situations that you go through at work will provide you with a breadth of communication and empathy that may not always be possible with other couples. That is, you can put yourself in the shoes of the other.

If love has arrived at work and is reciprocated, think that you only live once.

Because, in addition, you have to admit it, it is not so easy to find a special person, so why not try it?

Surely more than once you’ve heard that about ‘who does not the risk, does not win’ That’s clear about the possible cons and take them as a challenge that you can overcome together.

The important thing is that you are clear that you are two professionals, and if the thing goes wrong, this should not influence your professional career. What is the psychology behind love at work? Click Here

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