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14 list of Creative ways to say i love you to your partner in a special day


Creative ways to say “i love you”

Today we will tell you some creative ways to say I love you to your loved one. In valentine’s day, birthday or any kind of special day give your love another level of romance with Creative ways to say I love you.

How to say I love you in a special way in valentines or in a special day of your life? Take these tips…

Hey, how are you? Welcome to our blog…

I know, all of us want to impress our partner in a special day of the year, and sometimes we don’t know what to do for that!

So, here I am to tell you 14 creative ways to say I love you to your most closed one of your life.

How to say ‘I love you’ in a special way on Valentine’s Day?

Maybe you want to impress your partner and show him the deep love you have with a special gesture.

However, you are without ideas.

Today we want to help you by showing you the best ways to say “I love you” in a special and original way to your partner. Take note!

The content of Creative ways to say I love you

  1. On a walk on the beach
  2. Surprise with a romantic graffiti
  3. Manage hundreds of post-it in your car
  4. Painting a heart in your calendar
  5. Give a balloon that says ‘I love you’
  6. Get sweets at home
  7. Telling a poetry
  8. Say ‘I love you’ in a newspaper
  9. Give a T-shirt
  10. Sing music
  11.  A collage
  12. In another language
  13. In public
  14. With a calendar

Now, read in details below…


  1. On a walk on the beach

If you are lucky enough to spend a Valentine’s Day in an area of the sea, take a romantic stroll along the beach to unexpectedly write ‘I love you’ in the sand.

It is a gesture that your partner will never forget.


  1. Surprise with a romantic graffiti

Ideas to say I love you in Valentine

If you have artist’s wood, take advantage of your talent to capture the love you have for your partner with a graffiti or an artistic wall painting.

Just do it in an authorized place so that surprise does not become a problem.

You can even do it in some wall of your home.


  1. By hundreds of post-it in your car

With this idea, in addition to saying ‘I love you’, you can give many more messages of love to your partner, thanking everything that brings you in your life, evidencing its positive aspects or what makes you fall in love with your partner or simply telling you how much you love your boy or girl with a short love letter.


  1. Painting a heart in your calendar

Fill your agenda or your favorite notebook of hearts in the corners and with messages of love.

Imagine the beautiful surprise that will be when I open it at work on Valentine’s Day.


  1. Give a balloon that says ‘I love you’

Another romantic and unexpected idea is to wait for your partner in the street with a helium balloon in which he says ‘I love you’.

It is a small surprise that can precede a special dinner or another Valentine’s gift.


  1. Get sweets at home

The most classic surprise that is made for love is to deliver a bouquet of flowers at your partner’s house.

If you want to impress him, apply a small but substantial variation to this classic idea.

Get a pastry order with a tray full of sweet love and a handwritten card that says “I love you”. By the way, do you know the secret ways of saying I love you from men? Ok, wait I will tell you later…


  1. Telling with a poetry

If you are not among the best writers in the world, you can always make use of the great poets of all times.

Choose a poem that fully reflects your love.

You can choose one of the best poems from a great poet in the world.

You can search from Wikipedia for romantic poems. Take those poems, if you can edit that’s would be best or simply dedicate those to your partner.

Choose, classic or modern authors, and if you know your favorite poet, the best. It will be a very romantic statement.


  1. Say ‘I love you’ in a newspaper

Another good idea to declare your love to the person who is close to you and be original is to write your declaration of love in a newspaper where they allow you to publish it.

It is not difficult, you just have to contact the publisher, pay and send the message.

Once it is published, you can deliver the newspaper yourself.


  1. Give and Say with a T-shirt

Saying I love you with a shirt is a simple and cheap gesture, as well as suitable for younger lovers (often with little money).

Choose a phrase that identifies your relationship, your love and that you can print on a shirt.

You can also add a photo or an image. If you do not know what to write, put the classic “I love you” in the image. Check here some example

Or get some gift ideas here…


  1. Say with music

Even if you are not a piece of expert music, the most romantic thing you can do is to compose a song for your partner, in which you express all your feelings and everything you can not say.

If you are not good at it, you can always dedicate a song written by someone else.

Try to find out your favorite artist, or let him discover your heart with your favorite singer. To give you more ideas, here are the mythical love songs from


  1. Say with a collage

Saying ‘I love you’ with a romantic collage is perfect.

Get with pieces of leaves and paper photos, color, and create a kind of video story of your romance.

You can use everything, including concert tickets to which you were together, dried leaves, flower petals, dried pasta, and everything that comes to your head


  1. In another language

It is said that love knows no boundaries and that it exceeds the limits imposed by any language.

Why not prepare a square with the phrases of “I love you” translated into at least ten languages? You can always do it on a sheet of colored paper, and paste it post it.

In addition, you can also use some of the love phrases in English.


  1. In public

This option is not suitable for all love stories: in fact, there are people who hate flagrant situations, so you should avoid this solution if your partner is particularly shy or reserved.

Otherwise, it could have a positive and significant impact: in the middle of a busy street or in a specially occupied shop, take advantage of the opportunity and impress it shouting it to the four winds.


  1. Tell with a calendar

Saying ‘I love you’ with a calendar is great. Choose twelve significant images of your history and create a calendar for this or next year, also pointing out the most relevant dates of your love story.

Creating some Creative ways to say i love you is the most romantic and lovely surprise for your closed one. Also, you can make a lot of funny ways to say I love you which will be great for fun.

That’s all from my site, Now tell me what is your Creative ways to say I love you …

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