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Beauty trends of Oscars 2019 that’s trending now on beauty and fashion


10 beauty details of the Oscars 2019 that are already trend

As a general tone, the actresses have played the letter of containment in makeup and hairdressing. But there are gestures that deserve the review or (why not) the copy.

No. 01 beauty trends of Oscars 2019

Charlize Theron arrived and swept the red carpet: we were convinced by her blue sky dress signed by Dior and she also made her amazing look of beauty.

The actress has abandoned her eternal blonde to join the fashionable dark brown hair. “For her look, I was inspired by the new hair colour, made a few hours before the gala, and in the colour of her dress: I decided to give all the prominence to the lips to create a striking and elegant contrast,” he said. make-up artist Kate Lee, who made the look with Dior Beauty products.

No. 02 beauty trends of Oscars 2019

Rachel Weisz risked so much with her styling, catapulted to success thanks to her mini latex cape, and her hairstyle.

A thick mane with a stripe in the middle that she decorated with a silver headband of Greek-inspired leaves that looked more like a tattoo on her hair.

For makeup, shadows and lipstick in natural colour.

No. 03 beauty trends of Oscars 2019

The (apparently) sober beauty look of Letitia Wright conquered when the actress continued her walk on the red carpet after posing for the cameras.

Her short mane combed back appeared full of applications of pearls and crystals that accompanied her dress nude Dior

No. 04 beauty trends of Oscars 2019

Lucy Boynton took, once again, the best beauty look.

She got it with a hairstyle and makeup inspired by Grace Kelly that his stylist Jo Baker created for the occasion.

A pronounced eyelash accompanied a shade in pink tones that got with products of Chantecaille, a cosmetics and beauty firm that has the cruelty free seal.

No. 05 beauty trends of Oscars 2019

Model Ashley Graham was among the first to arrive and combined an elegant and discreet styling with a fun hairstyle perfect to copy this spring.

Her hair, gathered and striped in the middle, ended in a bun crowned with a bunch of mini black bows that simulated to be butterflies perched on her hair. A beautiful creation by the stylist Justine Marjan.

No. 06 beauty trends of Oscars 2019

To combine with a dress as special as the Giambattista Valli by Kacey Musgraves, a sober makeup was necessary.

And so it was. In nude tones and very elegant, but with a special touch: a small touch of brightness in the lacrimal, the perfect finish for a look of red carpet.

No. 07 beauty trends of Oscars 2019

Emilia Clarke also pointed to the short hair in her usual dark brown. With stripe in the middle and gathered behind the ears, her hairstyle was the work of Jenny Cho.

For the makeup, the stylist Jillian Dempsey used a subtle shade in pastel pink and fuchsia lipstick from Dolce & Gabbana.

No. 08 beauty trends of Oscars 2019

The actress Gemma Chen hit the nail on the head with her stunning Valentino dress and also with the hidden detail of her hairstyle.

Created by the stylist Clariss Anya Rubenstein, her bass collection was decorated with one of the trends of the season: a pair of crystal hairpins in which the word ‘love’ could be read.

No. 09 beauty trends of Oscars 2019

The same detail that the very young Elsie Fisher chose to complete her original look of masculine style.

Also melena, this time with a stripe to the side, smooth and collected with a hairpin of strass.

Her makeup, also discreet and featuring a cat-eye style delineation.

No. 10 beauty trends of Oscars 2019

The winner of the Oscar for best production design by Black Panther, Hannah Beachler, got attention on the red carpet.

And it was not only because of her striking hairstyle and red lips but because of that unique necklace that he placed strategically on his nose inspired by Wakanda, the fictional country in which the action of the film takes place.

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