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Avoid couple fight using these techniques that work


An appropriate phrase at the right time can avoid a couple fight or couple’s argument

Couple arguments can be exhausting and are usually unnecessary. But many times they occur because neither of the two people knows the psychological resources to stop it and start a negotiation as a couple instead of a heated fight.

The main resource is language. An appropriate phrase at the right time can stop an argument and avoid a couple fight. Do you want to know the most effective? Take note.

1. Why do not we take a break and then continue talking?

If you feel that you are going to enter into a disagreement that is difficult to solve with your partner, the best way to avoid a discussion is to stop and take a short break to reflect on the situation. Once the waters have calmed down, you can talk about your problem calmly and reasonably.

2. I understand your point … 

One of the psychological strategies to avoid a couple fight and transform it into a good negotiation is to show empathy for the other person.

Explaining that you understand why she is angry or that you come to understand her point of view is a way to show respect and understanding towards the other.

When a person feels understood the level of frustration and anger decreases considerably and the space of dialogue is opened in which you can also control the anger when you are upset with your partner.

3. Think how to solve it together

Creating a sense of team before a common problem, instead of facing a competitive relationship, is a great strategy to avoid unnecessary arguments in a sentimental partner.

Showing disposition to solve together with the couple the problem they have is also a way to put aside the reproaches and start working to improve the relationship.

4. Help me understand what you want to say / what you need

Many couples discussions continue because there is a total lack of understanding about the problem that the other may have. Before starting to fight and hurt yourself, it is best to try to understand your points of view and needs regarding the problem that affects your relationship.

Perhaps when you really understand the reasons for your partner’s anger, you realize that their requests are not so out of place. Make an effort to listen to your partner.

5. I love you and I do not want to fight with you

Usually, when we have a couple discussion, the last thing we do is show affection for the other. However, expressing the love and love we feel towards our partner should be our first impulse in the face of a couple problem.

Make clear to your partner that there is a conflict but that your intention is to solve it from the love you feel for it, is a great treatment against fights that can also strengthen your relationship.

6. A compliment or a joke to relieve tension from couple fight

If the discussion has not yet started you can use a compliment or a small joke to relieve the tension that is beginning to form.

This strategy is good before starting a discussion, but during the time of the fight it can be taken as a lack of respect. So it measures well when to use it.

Ok, now tell me what you think about couple fight? What your recommendations to avoid a couple fight? Comment below…


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