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8 truths about love that every couple should know for life

truths about love
Love couple

Truths about love: Living affective relationships with simplicity is sometimes something we forget about.

Love is one of the most intense feelings we can get to experience, and perhaps that is why, before it, our rationality lowers its defenses.

This is good in many ways because thinking too rigidly can make the labels with which we classify reality prevent us from fully enjoying the experience that gives us an effective relationship.

However, this fact is a double-edged sword. Just as we abandon ourselves to the feeling of love, we also forget our ability to life experiences with simplicity.

The waves of emotions that shake our brain, many times, lead us to live in a fiction full of epic and idealization that does not correspond to reality.

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Truths about love to live with simple relationships

This is a selection of some reflections and guidelines of the philosophy of life that can help to live loving relationships with a simplicity and without unnecessary dramas.

There are some truths about love whose power consists, simply, in basing oneself on simplicity.

1. Telepathy does not exist, neither in love

There is a certain idealization of relationships that can lead us to think that definitive lovers understand each other perfectly without needing to talk. This may be true in some cases, but on almost all occasions, it is not so much the fruit of perfect chemistry between both people, but of coexistence and the passage of time.

Sometimes certain coincidences may lead one to think that between the members of a couple there is something similar to telepathy, but this has to do with the biased vision of the other.

In the day after day, it happens many times that a person reacts anticipating our desires, but we do not give importance to them because, by statistics, we estimate that it is normal to happen from time to time. When the couple does it, instead, we look for explanations that serve to reinforce our certainty that the foundations of that effective bond are solid.

2. You should start adventures

In love, it is very positive to do everything possible to change the air. Traveling together, starting common projects, introducing new habits … are ways of knowing facets of the other person’s personality that until now we had only seen in the same light.

Of course, introducing adventures and new emotions does not necessarily mean traveling to fashionable places or fitting into the stereotypes of “ideal couple plans”. You have to do, simply, what is most significant for both, not what allows you to make the best selfies.

3. Ask “what’s wrong”. This is not a crime

Other truths about love. The problem of believing that love consists in understanding oneself without the need to talk is that this is almost never interpreted as a simple description of what a relationship is, but is used as an explanation of what should be.

This can lead to penalizing the other person when he asks questions and is interested in our state as if it were bad to do that. Maintaining this attitude is not compatible with believing that communication must exist in a couple.

Through the use of this, the degree of rapport and empathy increases, reaching a point where, this time, there are times when words are not necessary.

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4. Deeply accept yourself

Accepting each other consists, also, in knowing the lights and shadows of each one. Otherwise, the balance of this supposed acceptance will be very precarious and will end up creating conflicts and disruptive situations.

5. Dependence is not an option

Creating asymmetries in a relationship almost always end up having a negative impact. Assuming that one of the partners must make many more sacrifices than the other generates discomfort, frustration, and resentment if this does not lead to a “special reward”.

It is necessary that lovers are equally free and autonomous within a relationship.

6. A relationship is also a project

That means that it does not just consist of being together. If we do not make the relationship evolve, it will not evolve by itself. It is necessary to be involved and strive to create a framework in which lovers feel safe and with room to maneuver to express themselves freely.

7. Make some mistakes together. It’s good…

Making decisions that time reveals as wrong is not necessarily bad if the decision has been made between the two. Equating us just is also a way to make the relationship evolve, taking root in our memory and in the way we begin to interpret our lives.

In turn, if we never make a mistake, it is likely that we have reached a stage of stagnation.

8. Don’t trust social networks blindly

Social networks and community media we are bombarded every day with prototypes of the perfect couple. Many people are obsessed with the idea of reaching that lifestyle, and they get frustrated because they do not get it.

And the reason why they do not get it is that these couples do not exist, or at least they do not exist as they sell them to us. In fact, if that kind of content goes viral or is disseminated.

It is precisely because it is a corporate or personal marketing product and, therefore, it is false and prefabricated. Blaming our partner or ourselves for not fitting in with that prototype love relationship is unfair and totally unfounded.

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So tell us some truths about love we did not include in this article. Comment us below…

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